What has Dan Kahan written?

The Defiant


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Branded / Native


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  • Heartbreaker
    • What if a Nicholas Sparks romance turned out to be horror? A small town girl falls head-over-heels for a handsome boy at a county fair—a whirlwind summer romance. But as their relationship grows, so too does the suspicion that her seemingly perfect boyfriend might be a monster quite literally feeding off of her love.

  • Zombiepocalypse
    • Jay Burton is your average lumberjack—except that after the zombie apocalypse, he slaughtered the entire undead population of Burlington with an axe-saw hybrid. Years later, when a scientist claims to have found a cure, Jay teams up with the world’s best zombie hunters—a priest, a valley girl, an ex-CIA agent, and an art historian—to rescue him from the infested remains of Old New York City. Avengers meets Dawn of the Dead.

  • Arma
    • In a fantastical Western universe filled with gunslingers, monsters, and Arma—sentient weapons with extraordinary powers—a young boy named Ziti discovers that his heirloom pistol is much more than it appears. Joined by a wisecracking outlaw and a reluctant bounty hunter, Ziti sets off on a perilous adventure to discover the secrets of his weapon and defeat the murderous cowboy hunting down Arma for himself.

  • Sport Dogs
    • Film student Kat expects an easy summer when she accepts an internship with Sport Dog Studios. Hey, at least she’ll be on a real Hollywood set. But when she stumbles upon a hidden door in deranged director/producer Aaron Budowski’s office, Kat discovers a horrific secret that threatens to destroy the entire backlot—and everyone in it. Because nothing says “horror comedy” like family films about Golden Retrievers playing sports.

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